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Perfectionism Therapy

Society loves a good high achiever, perfectionist, and/or people pleaser. 


These people are known for their self-discipline, hard work, and ability to push themselves beyond limits. They often go above and beyond to meet others' expectations and achieve goals.


For perfectionists and people pleasers, success is a critical part of their self-worth. They thrive on the recognition and praise for their achievements. They often tie their worth to their productivity, what they can accomplish and what they can do for others.


However, being a perfectionist also comes with its own challenges that are not often seen by others. It can feel like a never ending cycle of taking on too much while not having enough time or support to rest and recharge. Finding oneself in this cycle can lead to anxiety. 


You may notice things such as:


    Panic if something does not go as expected,

  • Obsessing about things such as grades, career, etc.

  • Defining your self-worth by being of service to others,

  • Never meeting your own needs,

  • Maybe not even knowing what your own needs are,


    Obsessing about the future,

  • Excessive planning and preparation,

  • Feeling triggered when not in control.


Perfectionists tend to double down on their work when they begin to feel anxious. However, there are ways to break free from this cycle, while still being able to live a full and meaningful life you are proud of.

I support women in the Ottawa and Cornwall area struggling with perfectionism and/or people pleasing.

Services are also available for residents of Ontario.

Book a consultation today to begin your journey towards a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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