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Helping anxious young women with a painful past regain control of their lives in a meaningful way.

Mental Wellness Therapist, Eating Disorder Therapist & Trauma Therapist


I am so glad you’re here. 

Psychotherapy & Counselling ​for Trauma, Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating.

Virtual services available for residents of Ontario.

I help anxious young women with a painful past, regain control of their lives in a meaningful way. I work with women struggling with an eating disorder who feel trapped in diet culture and who also feel stuck or held back by their past trauma. If you are finding yourself repeating behaviors you know are no longer serving you, you are in the right place! I provide therapy for eating disorders, as well as trauma (in Ontario).

You most likely landed on my page because you have been struggling and it’s gotten to be too much. You might find yourself never feeling good enough, always feeling spread thin and never having enough time and energy to attend to your own needs. Maybe you don’t even know what your own needs are! You’ve noticed you always need control - whether it be of your food intake, weight, tasks at home, work, in relationships… and when you feel out of control, it feels intolerable for you. 

You feel stuck.

Past and present painful experiences shape the way we show up and navigate through life and the world around us. Without deep healing of those experiences, we can end up feeling stuck - like nothing is working or will ever work. It feels hopeless.

I see you.

I am a therapist who is dedicated to working with young women who find themselves lost in their present day anxieties and  disordered behaviours, and who feel stuck and held back by their past trauma. I support young women in their journey of moving beyond their trauma, shame and painful feelings of “not good enough”, towards regaining control of their lives in a meaningful way. 


Let's get you to a place of owning your enoughness.

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Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. 

- Brené Brown

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