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Trauma Therapy

When people have experienced something traumatic, the brain’s natural ability to process events can get stuck. This may cause past events to feel like they are happening in the present. Things such as smells, sounds, images, or places can even trigger uncomfortable or scary feelings. 


Some signs that additional support may be needed in your journey:

  • Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm.

  • Difficulty setting boundaries and saying “no” to others.

  • People-pleasing.

  • Need for control.

  • Excessive guilt or shame.

  • Nightmares or unpleasant memories. 

  • Difficulty maintaining relationships. 

  • Difficulty trusting others. 

  • Repeated challenges or patterns in your relationships with others.

  • A deep feeling of emptiness.

  • Feeling pressure to be perfect.

  • Feeling not good enough.

  • Difficult or traumatic events from childhood that you just can't seem to move on from.

  • Feeling lost or stuck.

I support women in the Ottawa and Cornwall area with a history of trauma.

Services are also available for residents of Ontario.

Book a consultation today to begin your journey towards a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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