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Anxiety Therapy

Up all night replaying past interactions or anticipated ones? Running countless scenarios through your head.

Has your anxiety gotten to a point where it’s just too much?

Unsure how to cope or where to go?


I see you. 


Every day, you constantly feel on edge, and your mind and body are exhausted. You no longer trust your decisions and are constantly second-guessing yourself. The physical symptoms that come along are starting to weigh on you - headaches, pain, tension, fatigue, racing heart, you can never catch your breath. It feels like your brain can’t shut off, like the hamster wheel is forever turning. You notice yourself engaging with your anxiety, it starts from something small and snowballs into the worst thing ever. It feels unmanageable. You even notice it impacting your relationship with others, making you feel disconnected from relationships that are important to you like friends, family, and colleagues…


You do not need to go through this journey alone. It doesn’t need to be this hard, and it doesn’t need to go on forever. 

I support women in the Ottawa and Cornwall area struggling with anxiety.

Services are also available for residents of Ontario.


Book a consultation today to begin your journey towards a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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