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Childhood Sexual Abuse Therapy

Do you ever have feelings of pain, panic, or disgust come up in situations you don't want them to be in? Do you ever feel disconnected and dissociative in moments where you should want to be present? Do you often feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety in situations where logically, you know you are safe? 

When people have experienced something traumatic, the brain’s natural ability to process events can get stuck. This may cause past events to feel like they are happening in the present. Things such as smells, sounds, images, or places can even trigger uncomfortable or scary feelings. Childhood sexual abuse can specifically lead to struggles with attachment, relationships, trust, and intimacy. 

I provide trauma therapy services for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse in the Ottawa area. 

​Services are virtual only and are available to residents of Ontario.

Book a consultation today to begin your journey towards a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Beauty in Nature

"Every family needs that one daughter that speaks her mind, doesn't like being told what to do, and is lowkey healing all the generational trauma no one seems to be aware of."

- unknown

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